We tend to encounter different problems when running out of the house for work or for class. This includes oversleeping, skipping breakfast, or even forgetting your wallet. Sometimes, we’re unsure or unable to figure out how to resolve these problems. But not to worry, because the following problems will include my personal ideas or suggestions that may help you!

  1.  Oversleeping
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  • Put multiple alarms in the span of every 10 minutes
  • Put your phone or your clock on the opposite side of your bedroom, away from your bed. This way, when your alarm goes off, you would have to get up, walk to your alarm, and turn it off
  • Try to set a consistent wake-up time
  • If you don’t work with alarms well, train your body to wake up without an alarm. As surprising as it sounds, your body is able to wake up during a specific time span if you sleep at a set time

2. Lack of sleep

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How to avoid staying up at night

  • Avoid consuming any caffeinated drinks in the evening
  • Plan in advance! Prior to the following day, think of all of the tasks that you must finish before you go to sleep, and estimate how long each task takes for you to complete
    • Create a to-do list using a note pad or a planner
  • Think of what kind of setting you would want to sleep in. Consider factors such as temperature, noise, or lighting

How to strive forward throughout the day

  • In the morning, do not overdo the caffeine. It makes your energy levels above and beyond high or it can shut you down
  • Try not to eat large meals during the day; you will most likely encounter possible energy dips or food comas afterwards
  • Move around instead of sitting in one spot for a long time; consider walking outside and enjoy the fresh air

3. Skipping breakfast OR rushing to make breakfast

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  • If time is a problem, wake up 15 minutes earlier than when you usually wake up
  • Consider creating a meal plan schedule for every morning of the week
  • If preparing a meal is too much for you, put out any utensils, bowls, or plates on the table the night before for simple breakfast meals, such as cereal and milk
  • Make or prep your food ahead of time if possible
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  • Take your food out the door with you! Eat on the go by grabbing a ziplock bag or a disposable bowl/plate with your food
    • Napkins are an essential if you plan to eat on the go

4. Not packing anything for lunch

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  • Meal prepping is a good way to grab your food and go
    • At the beginning of every week, you prep and plan what meals to eat. During the process, you gather all food material and either portion and store them into containers, or you prepare and portion them into containers.
    • After the preparation process, you are able to grab it in the fridge the next morning and eat it how it is or simply microwave it
  • Pack non-perishable packaged snacks in your bag or in your car beforehand
  • Keep some spare change in case you find a vending machine

5. Forgetting something important at home

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  • Give yourself 10 minutes before leaving your home to store everything in your car or in your backpack
  • Make a list of things that you need the day before
  • Repeat or replay what you need in your memory and visualize them. This is a method where you remember them in a matter of time

6. Not knowing what to wear and end up wearing the first clothing items you see in your closet

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  • Plan your outfit the night before
  • Find simple outfits that “fit the season”. For example, if it is summer, it is assumed that it will be hot so a pair of shorts and a t-shirt should be considered.
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  • Check the weather in advance to see what you could wear on that particular day
  • If you think weather issues might occur (such as random rainstorms or heavy wind) throughout the day, bring a small bag of “emergency clothes” and either put it in your backpack or in your car

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