Each month, the Campus Library staff create multiple thoughtful displays that can be found on the first and second floors. This post documents all of the library displays from the months of April and May 2019.

April Displays

April’s displays featured books, media, information, and art pertaining to the topic of Poetry in different forms.

April Poetry Month Meets Earth Day – 1st Floor

Created by Cora (Circulation Lead)


“The question I wanted to pose to our campus: How creative writing about the natural world can become a catalyst for people to look a little closer and think more deeply about the delicate connection between humans and nature. And how this new understanding can inspire individuals to be more aware of their individual impact on the environment on a daily basis. With the help of student employees I was able to create my vision of display decor. I wanted to center the ‘natural’ with words – using the bold visuals to introduce folks to my materials which were a selection of poetry, critical analysis, introductions to eco-poetry, essay collections, writings from women, people of color, and even different languages. I tried to encapsulate a wide range of work illustrating that environmental conservation is not a movement only concerning the centric U.S. but is an issue that is worldwide – environmental degradation effects a wide range of countries and communities (if not all). Effecting the whole – not only a small number. The nuanced message is that beginning with self (decreasing our individual carbon footprint) is how we can reach the whole when thinking about trying to reverse or at least balance out the progression of climate change.” – Cora

Diverse Children’s Poetry – 2nd Floor

Created by Lucy and Zoe (Circulation Student Employees)


In honor of this year’s April Poetry Month and Celebrate Diversity Month, the theme for April’s Children’s Literature Display was Culturally Diverse Children’s Poetry! The display featured children’s poems of multiple countries, written in multiple languages. We had also included a few children’s poems for anyone to take for Poem in Your Pocket Day on April 18th.

May Displays

May’s displays covered a vast range of wonderful topics, including activist and scholar Angela Davis; sexual assault awareness; teaching social justice, equity, and inclusion; and biking.

Angela Davis – 1st Floor (near elevators)

Created by Dani (American & Ethnic Studies Librarian) and Maya (Reserves Technician)


“This display was put together as a tie-in to the Angela Davis campus event on May 17th. I personally have been very interested in Davis’ work and look forward to attending the event.” – Maya

Sexual Assault Awareness – 1st Floor (middle of lobby)

Created by Tami (Access Services Manager) and Zoe


Although April was Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM), we decided to keep our SAAM display up through May because it is important that we discuss and support this topic throughout the year. The display consists of informational flyers on consent from the National Sexual Violence Resource Center, relevant books and media, handouts and bookmarks that highlight campus and community resources for survivors, and a station that invites library users to create healing circles or color pages.

Teaching Social Justice, Equity, and Inclusion – 1st Floor (near entrance)

Created by Julie (Nursing Librarian) and Caitlan (Education Librarian)


“The theme of teaching social justice, equity, and inclusion is important to both of us in our work as librarians. We want to support the work of instructors that are practicing and/or interested in inclusive teaching across UW Bothell and Cascadia College. We made an effort to select titles from multiple discipline areas (including education, STEM, social sciences, health sciences, arts, writing, etc.) to reflect the variety of subjects represented on both campuses.” – Caitlan

National Bike Month – 2nd Floor (near lobby)

Created by Kathy and Eva (Circulation Student Employees)


“Initially, we wanted to go with the idea of a physical fitness theme in order to encourage children to go out and stay active by playing sports or exercising. As we did our research, we found that May was National Bike Month, so we decided to follow that path for our May Children’s Literature Display.” – Kathy


If you can, be sure to check out the May displays before the end of the month, and stay tuned for more library displays coming June 2019! I intend to post a Library Display Recap here each month, so if you’d like to receive notifications whenever our student employees post on the blog, please follow us by clicking on the “Follow” button on the bottom right of the screen.




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