Same blog you love, just a bit upgraded.

The UWB/CC Campus Library blog first began in February of 2013. Since then, we’ve expanded not only the amount of writers and the content, but now we’re excited to present our brand new design! The blog is now named “Library Voices” to represent the many authors’ perspectives and ideas that flow throughout each post. The biggest change to the blog itself is the design and background of it. We’ve upgraded from the simple, monochromatic design, to a more fun and vibrantly aesthetic look that will be updated periodically. Our new blog now includes bios from the student employee writers and guest writers, featured on the blog by clicking on the “Author Bios” tab! Not only that, but it provides a new gateway back to our main Library homepage and Facebook page! Along with that, Library Voices is also open to guest writers such as librarians and Circulation Staff, to share their insight and ideas on the blog. Coming from two different campuses with a huge range of different interests, Library Voices has a plethora of stories, experiences, and perspectives to offer. It can be through academics, like Organic Chemistry, community-based, like where to get some good discounts, or even beyond like study music, hiking trails or good recipes. Regardless, we hope that you read through our posts and are able to learn more about our campus, the library, and our writers.

Happy reading!

– Student Circulation Assistants, UW Bothell/Cascadia College Campus Library



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