As a full-time student, club officer and a part-time on campus employee at UW Bothell, I find myself spending a lot of my time at school.

But of course, even if you don’t spend that much time on campus, you most likely find yourself looking for any of the following…

  1. Food
  2. Study Space
  3. Calculators, Phone/Laptop Chargers, Computers… Need something?
  4. What to do on campus

Lucky for you, there are places at UWB that offer all of those.

Don’t forget to be on the lookout for the rest series coming soon!

Welcome to A Student’s Guide to UWB

Part Two: Study Space

I don’t know about you, but when I study on campus, I feel more motivated to actually study. Maybe it’s the thought that someone could be looking at my screen behind me and seeing me online shopping or watching Netflix while everyone around me is studying, but I just feel like it (studying) is something I should be doing.

So maybe you’re like me and you actually like staying on campus to study and hangout. But at the same time, you may sometimes struggle finding somewhere to go that fits the environment you need/want to focus.

That’s okay! Because UWB has a bunch of Study Spaces open for whatever you need.


Activities and Recreation Center (ARC)

Lower Level                                                                                                          Noise Level: High

If you didn’t already know that the very bottom floor of the ARC is actually a gym. However, there are some tables, chairs, and even a hammock down there that you could use for studying or just hanging out. Although, it’s pretty noisy because of everyone working out, all the machines, and everyone else talking, if that’s what you look for in your study spaces, I’d definitely check this one out. (Plus they have a vending machine with sandwiches, burritos and more!)

1st floor                                                                                             Noise Level: Moderate to High

The first floor (main level) of the ARC is more of a stopping place for people so there’s a lot of traffic going on at any time of day. However, although limited, there are some tables and comfy chairs to sit and study. Also, if you ever need to take a break, there’s a little corner with video games, controllers, and monitor!

2nd Floor                                                                                           Noise Level: Moderate to High

The second floor (top level) has a noise level that varies depending on the time of day, as

Image by Author
Image by Author

well as time of the quarter. If you go up there before anywhere before noon (and during finals/midterms), you might find it to be somewhat quiet, however, the top floor of the ARC is mainly used for open work space, which means it can get pretty loud depending on the time of day. This is also an event space, so while one side may be people studying, there’s also a high chance there’s an event happening on the other side.

Meeting Rooms                                                                              Noise Level: Quiet to Moderate

In the ARC there are conference-like meeting rooms! On the first floor, there’s a bigger

Image by Author

one and an average sized one, and on the second floor, there’s another average sized one. To reserve one of these rooms, just go here and click “Reserve a Facility” and from there, you’ll get an e-mail confirming shortly.




Common Grounds Cafe (UW2)

                                                                                                             Noise Level: Moderate to High

Are you ever just chilling, waiting for your class at UW2 to start, maybe wanting a snack

Image found here

or just somewhere to hangout until you have to go to your class? You might as well head over to the Common Grounds Cafe! It’s located at the far side of UW2 (the one attached to Discovery Hall) and has some tables and couches, and of course, it’s also a cafe! Although, just like as if you were at a busy coffee shop, it gets kind of noisy depending how many people are there.




Food for Thought Cafe

                                                                                                             Noise Level: Moderate to High

Food for Thought Cafe is much like the Common Ground cafe in the sense, well, they are both cafes, but also in the sense that it’s a great place to meet with a group to study and maybe even individually study. Not only that, but maybe you’re like me and haven’t bought your textbooks or school supplies yet? Lucky for you, the Food for Thought Cafe is attached to the Bookstore! Pick up what you need, maybe get some lunch and pick a spot anywhere. You got this!

StopWatch Espresso (CC1/CC2)

                                                                                                                            Noise Level: Moderate

In need of some coffee as a pick me up, but also need to cram in some more studying? Located at CC1/CC2, near the Learning Center, the StopWatch Espresso has you covered. Grab your snack, drink, and a table with some comfy chairs and hit those books! Greatest part is that if you get stuck, you’re steps away from the Learning Center to get some help. However, just like any cafe, it may be a little bit noisy due to classes starting/getting out, etc.

Diversity Center

                                                                                                            Noise Level: Quiet to Moderate

Need a quiet, more secluded area to study or meet with your group? Try reserving a room at the Diversity Center (UW1 — 1st floor). Each room has a table, some chairs and a white board. You can either reserve a meeting room or a conference room (You can do it here: Plus! If you ever need a study break, go ahead and create some artwork on a canvas. But I mean, you probably should focus more on studying.

UWB/CC Campus Library

1st floor                                                                                            Noise Level: Moderate to High

Whether it be a tour, a question, meeting a friend, or whatever, I’m almost positive you’ve probably walked into at least the first floor of the library. So we know, since it’s the main floor, it’ll have the most traffic (especially during the class breaks). However, other than that, the noise level is pretty moderate, pretty much how you’d assume a library would be… Except you can talk at a normal, moderate noise level. There’s tables, chairs, and computers available on this floor, and outlets literally everywhere.

2nd Floor                                                                                          Noise Level: Quiet to Moderate

When I first started at UWB, the only time I ever needed to go to the second floor of the library was because my class was being held there, and maybe for many of you, you’re in that same boat. However, if you’ve ever taken time to explore that floor, there is SO MANY places to study. There are some comfy benches/chairs, some tables, white boards, VCR/DVD players and more. It’s a popular place to study because it’s the perfect middle (noise level wise) of the first and third floor in the sense that it’s not super noisy, but it’s also not necessarily the quietest.

3rd Floor                                                                                                                 Noise Level: Quiet

Are you someone who needs complete silence when studying to really hone down and

Image found here

focus? I feel you. I mean, we all need it or else we’d probably get distracted by others, or end up being the one who distracts others (guilty..)… Let’s be honest, that meme (see side image) is us.

The third floor of the library is considered the quiet level, meaning you’re not supposed to talk on the phone, if you talk, it must be a quiet whisper, etc. This makes it one of the best study spaces on campus for really going in and focusing (no Library Student

3rd Floor Reading Room: Image found here

Employee Bias… kinda). Not only that, but there’s a silent reading room located up there that’s truly beautiful (see image). Also, like I said earlier, maybe being around people who are inventively studying will make you want to study too!





Study Rooms                                                                                                          Noise Level: Quiet

As many of you may know, the library has a number of study rooms, with a wide range of sizes, catering to what you need. Each room has some scratch paper, white board, table(s) and chairs. Some rooms even have media players, computers, screens, REALLY comfy chairs, etc. Study rooms area always a great place to meet with your professor, your groups, your friends, or even by yourself! Just don’t wait too long to book one, they book up for the popular times (10 AM to 3 PM) really quick!

UWB / Cascadia Buildings

It’s always good to remember that each building always had little cubby within each hallway on each floor. Many times, in this area, you’ll find vending machines, white boards, tables, and sometimes even computers. But there are other places inside all the buildings you can go to.


UW1 & UW2


Images found here



Images found here

If you’ve ever been to UW1 or UW2, whether it be for an advisors meeting or a class, you’ve probably seen the many potential study spots. On every level (excluding the main level), there’s a little spot in the middle of the floor that consists of tables, chairs, etc. to meet with your group, study outside your classroom, or just hangout. Also, there’s a few little “cubby” type areas along the hallways with vending machines, white boards, tables, and sometimes even computers. Not to mention, there’s a pool table and a quieter cubby space on the lower level of UW1!

Discovery Hall

Discovery Hall is a little different than the UW1 and UW2 buildings for the simple fact, it’s more narrow, and doesn’t have the same kind of hallways. However, it does have some small study cubby’s, especially on the third floor by the School of Stem. Not only that, but the Discovery Hall has this cool thing called the “Maker Space” where you can 3-D print, just hangout and study, and more.

Beardslee Building (UWBB):

Image found here

If you’re anything like me, you probably fight to avoid having to walk all the way to UWBB, no matter what. However, sometimes it’s just simply inevitable. So maybe after your journey down the hill, you’re a bit tired, and need somewhere to sit, relax, and finish that assignment. Lucky for you, there’s three “Student Study Area’s”. In these areas, there’s tables, chairs, sometimes a white board or computers, and even vending machines.


Image found here

CC1 and CC2 has a lot to offer, especially if you want a quiet place to hangout and study. The lower level has the Stopwatch Espresso (see above), however, in the upper levels (2nd+), there are foyer areas that you can sit down and study at. One is near the Student Learning and Success Center with tables that even have charging USB ports on the tables, and one is the foyer upon entering the top level. However, the top floor is more commonly seen as the “Collaborative” floor, so it can get a bit noisier. Not only are these foyer areas available, but also the little cubby areas within the hallways. You can find white boards, computers (depending what cubby), tables, and more at each.


Image found here

CC3 is most commonly known as the “art building” so you may not always find all that much study space, in fact, most people find themselves studying within the hallways outside the door of their next class. However there are a couple places that are actually right upon entering. The two main study areas are the foyer in front of Mobius Hall (event space) and under the stairwells. The foyer has a circle of chairs, a table, and some nice lighting from the windows, and the stairwell has some pretty soft chairs and benches that you can relax and study comfortably in.


I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about the many different study spaces around campus and know that there are handfuls more out there!

——- Don’t forget to look out for Part Three: Need Something? coming soon ——-











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