Do you know the difference between Open and Closed Reserves?

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How about the job of a Technology Consultant?

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Do you know what it means when you have an item that has been “recalled”?

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If you answered no to any of these, or all of these questions, never fear! A UWB/CC library glossary is here! This glossary includes terms that employees in the library often use as well as terms that might pop up for you on your library account or searches.

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“Booking” – For media reserves, instructors are able to reserve in advance for their classes so that they are able to obtain the item in time
Book “Stacks”
– Main book collection on the third level of the library

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Call Number – A label usually on the spine or bottom corner of a library item that indicates its location in the library
Catalog – Inventory of all items that are found in the library
“Checking In” – When checking in library materials, you are returning them to the Circulation Desk or any of the book drops
“Checking Out” – When checking out library materials, you are borrowing them and taking them out of the library for a period of time

  • Loan Periods – varies, but generally:

    • Undergraduates – 4 weeks
    • Graduates – 12 weeks
    • Staff Faculty – 12 weeks
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Circulation Desk – Main desk where you can check library items in and out, learn more about your fines or your library account, and ask any questions about the college campus
College/Career Material – Short loan (7 days usually, sometimes Library Use Only) items that generally help with test preparation, such as the SAT/ACT
Dawg Prints – Printing service for all UW students
Fines – If you are unable to return a library item on time, or lost the item, you will be charged money in your library account

  • Billing Fee ($30) – Charge for the library staff’s processing
  • Replacement Fee (Standard for UW Libraries: $150; Standard for Summit Libraries: $90) – Charge to replace the item
  • Overdue Fee ($10) – Charge for not checking in the item in time

Holds/Requests – When placing a hold or a request on an item, it would take around a day to a week for the item to be sent to the library that you chose to pick up at

put a hold on it
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Information Technologies (I.T.) – Department that helps out with rentals for materials of film/video and photography
In Library Use – If any library material has the label “In Library Use Only,” it means that you are not allowed to take it outside of the library!
Interlibrary (ILL) Loan – Borrowing an item that is from another library not owned by the University of Washington
Library of Congress Classification – Classification system that is used to organize and arrange book collections
Media Reserves – DVDs that are reserved for class courses
Online Access – If a library item (typically an article) is entitled “Online Access,” this means that you have access to it online
“On Reserve” – Term meaning that an item is being used for a course (or multiple courses) and has a shortened loan period to maximize availability

  • Closed Reserves – Items that are behind the Circulation Desk usually have a shorter loan period (usually 2-4 hours)
  • (Regular) Reserves – Typically longer loan periods (usually 72 hours); because they are in an open area in the library, students do not have to check them out to use (as long as they simply return them in the baskets)

Patron – Anyone that goes into the library, whether they are students, non-students, or faculty members

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Periodical – A publication (journals, magazines, newspapers) that is published periodically through regular intervals
Reading Room – The quietest room in the Quiet Study Zone on the third level of the library

“Recalled” – When an item that you check out is “recalled,” it means that someone has placed a hold on it, shortening your loan period

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  • Items due in more than 2 weeks will have its due date changed to 2 weeks from the date that it was requested
  • Items due in 2 weeks or less will keep the original due date

Recreational Reads – Designed for recreational reading interests of students, created by the library staff members

  • All books are available for a 4 week loan period, with unlimited renewals
  • The collections are organized by 5 sections: Fiction, Non-Fiction, Children and Middle School level, Audio Books, and Comics

Reference Desk – Desk where you can seek help on finding specific books and research topics, and additional resources on any topic
Renew – Extending a due date of most UW-owned items

  • You are able to renew books for as many times as you want, UNLESS someone places a hold on the book; the loan period becomes shorter if the book is wanted by another patron
    • Additional information about renewals can be found here
  • You are unable to renew any course Reserve items, however you are able to check items in and out as much as you like
  • You are unable to renew Interlibrary loans

Research/Writing Material – Short loan (7 days usually, sometimes Library Use Only) items that are able to help with writing papers, improve spelling or grammatical skills, and work citations
Reserves Department – Department on the third floor of the library; works to provide items required by classes at UWB and Cascadia
Study Rooms – Rooms that you can reserve if you need space to study individually or meet up with groups

  • Types of Study Rooms
    • Group Study Rooms
    • Media Group Study Rooms
    • Individual Study Rooms
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Technology Consultant – Helps patrons with any technological issues with laptops or computers on the first floor of the library, laptop loans (in and out of the library), and questions on UW Net IDs
Topics Material – Short loan (7 days) items that are based on any general topic or current issue, and countries; provides books of opposing viewpoints
UW Net ID – Stands for University of Washington Network Identification; this is basically your account username for accessing your personal UW information (Hint: Your Net ID is your email without the “”)

If there is a term that is not above, here are some additional resources that may help you!

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