When I was younger, I took culinary arts for two years in high school because my dream career was to become a chef. I then realized that cooking was more of a hobby rather than a life-long career for me. In college, I switched over to study biology and neuroscience.

Ever since I joined my school’s cross country team in 7th grade, I have been interested in cooking and learning about nutrition. One day, we had a team meeting on nutrition and how it affected our performance. At the time, I knew for a fact that I was willing to do anything to improve my abilities and performance as a runner. I was motivated. I would research on how nutrients and foods affected our lifestyle, what the best foods were for athletes, and delicious recipes. From thereon, it led me to cooking and preparing my own healthy meals based on what I’d read and the recipes I’d looked at.

To this day, I still cook but, unfortunately, not as much as I used to due to a hectic school/work schedule. We all love eating food, but how do certain micro nutrients play a role within our body and brain? The bacteria in our gut is linked with many functional aspects of our brain. How though? Below I have provided a non-exhaustive list of essential micro-nutrients and vitamins that are involved in modulating a balanced mental health and avoiding diseases. In addition, I have provided delicious recipes with each nutrient!

Happy eating!!! 🙂

***= I’ve made this recipe and I approve of it!

I hope this knowledge of nutrients has enlightened you all! Enjoy the recipes! 🙂







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