I’m sure most of you are thinking about getting a dog or a puppy. They bring us so much joy and happiness. Getting a puppy is a big responsibility! Why? Because puppies have so much to learn from eating to potty training and everything little thing in between and you’re the one who has to teach them how to do it. Though it can be hard raising a puppy I promise, putting in all the effort and time training and being there for your pup will pay off big as you will have a companion that will make your life so colorful. You will also share a ton of joyful experiences and adventures. This is a blog post about my first dog where I share his timeline from the day I got him, until now.

Leo Puppy
This is my buddy Leo (3 months old)
giphy (3)
This was Leo’s first night with us. I wanted to take some cute pictures of him and he passes out in the middle of the photo-shoot. (Didn’t know puppies slept so much!)

I wanted to document every big and little moment of Leo’s life. This is Leo’s first day at the dog park. He was the tinniest dog there, so we had to be really cautious with him and make sure he doesn’t get trampled by bigger dogs.
Fast forward 3 months,  Leo is 6 months old here. It’s insane how fast puppies grow. So enjoy and cherish every single minute of their innocent lives before they turn into little hyperactive fur balls of energy.
This is Leo’s best friend Haru (left). I know, you can barely tell them apart. It was important for me to make sure Leo was very socialized and got along with everyone. Leo goes to the dog park at least 3-4 times a week and if the weather isn’t nice, I have his friends come over and play.
Neutering: This is going to be one of the more difficult times with your puppy but it’s also very crucial. Getting your pet neutered can have a lot of health and behavioral benefits.  After getting neutered, the first day or two, Leo was very agitated and somewhat aggressive. I recommend not handling your pet after the surgery as they might nip you and keep them away from other animals or pets.
Leo is 11 month old now! At 6 lbs, he is gonna be a tiny dog and will not grow anymore. He has grown to be very active, naughty at times but is also very caring and a loving dog with a big personality.

It’s been such an amazing time having Leo in my life. He has made me a better, more responsible person. We are both learning from each other and have each other’s back. I’m so excited to have him as my partner as we make our way through this journey called life.

Here are my top 5 tips for raising your first puppy:

  • Take your puppy to the vet and get him checked out!
  • Plan ahead, puppy proof the area you’re going to be keeping it.
  • Potty train as soon as you can! The sooner your pup is potty trained, the happier and less stressed you’re going to be.
  • Socialize your puppy at an early age.
  •  Obedience – train your puppy.
All photos taken by author.



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