Every Valentine’s Day at the Campus Library, our wonderful Student Circulation employees put together a display called “Blind Date With a Book.” Each book is wrapped up so that patrons cannot see the title; this way, everyone must choose a book based only on the blurb written on the front.


The display was a huge success! 19 of the 28 books had found a date, and they seemed to have gone well!

Review for Marley and Me: “It’s going great! I’ve actually never seen the movie, and as a former dog walker, am not very fond of labs so I thought I wouldn’t like it but I’ve already laughed so much and almost cried.”

If you missed this year’s blind date opportunity, don’t worry! Even though it won’t necessarily be a blind date, we do have a large number of books to choose from in our Recreational Reading Collection. Our collection can be found in two places on the first floor:

Children / middle reader’s books: head immediately around the left when you come in the front door, adjacent to our magazines.

Fiction / non-fiction / comic / audiobooks: head straight when you come in the front door and look to the wall on the right, adjacent to our open reserves.

The “Blind Date with a Book” display can be found in the lobby of the library every February. We hope you join us next Valentine’s Day!

Here are a few of our past Blind Date displays:

All images taken by the author.


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