After working behind the library for over a year now, I’ve become quite close to many of my lovely coworkers. In the process of getting to know so many people, I’ve noticed that many of us behind the front desk have pets.

Since everyone loves animals, I thought it would be fun to feature a few of the cuties we get to come home to every day!

Thank you to everyone who participated by featuring their pets and for patiently waiting for this post. Enjoy!


beau double
Photos provided by Heather

Species: Canis familiaris

Breed: Golden retriever mix (rescue pup)

Age: 12 years

Beau’s fave snack: Chicken

Beau’s fave things to do: Snore loudly while sleeping on the porch, walking and exploring new trails, and of course getting belly rubs!

Heather’s favorite things about Beau: His expressive eyes and looks!

Beau and Heather have been best friends since: Beau was 8 weeks old.

Fun/funny fact about Beau: Since a puppy, Beau will lay on the floor with his back paw in his mouth. After dinner and roughly 30 minutes of playing and rough-housing with his squeaky toys, he does this every night. He has, on several occasions, fallen asleep with his back paw in his mouth.


Ruby double
Photos provided by Tami

Species: Canis familiaris

Breed: Mutt 🙂

Age: 6 ish years

Ruby’s fave snack: Cheese

Ruby’s fave thing to do: Sleep on/in Tami’s bed.

Tami’s favorite things about Ruby: Her goggles and her ability to sleep in.

Ruby and Tami have been best friends for: 5 ish years

Fun/funny fact about Ruby: She shows off for guests by repeatedly running to this large stand of trees in my back yard, and then peaks out. It’s like she’s playing hide and seek. And it’s really adorable.


Sausage the cat
Photo provided by Maya

Species: Felis catus

Breed: Ragdoll/Siamese

Age: 1 year and 5 months

Sausage’s fave snack: Salmon bites

Sausage’s fave thing to do: Cuddle up on the sofa or stare out the window.

Maya’s favorite thing to do with Sausage is: Giving her soft belly a tickle.

Sausage and Maya have been best friends for: 1 year and 2 months.

Fun/funny fact about Sausage: Sausage loves key lime pie. I never let her eat it, but every time I do, I have to fight her off to keep her from taking a bite!


Puppy double
Photos provided by Bryce

Species: Felis catus

Breed: Siberian

Age: Unknown (about 10 years?)

Puppy’s fave snack: Fancy Feast Shredded Fare

Puppy’s fave thing to do: Sleep, cuddle, eat, watch birdies and squirrels, chase the laser dot.

Bryce’s favorite thing about Puppy: She is very affectionate and always wants cuddles. It makes us feel so loved. ^_^

Puppy and Bryce have been best friends for: About 6 years.

Fun/funny fact about Puppy: Puppy is very vocal and is always meowing about something. The funniest thing she does is meow when she runs across the room or down the hall in anticipation of getting food or cuddles. It causes her to do this stuttering meow that is absolutely hilarious. It makes me laugh every time!

Shiori (Shio)/Melissa

Melissa's white kitty
Photo provided by Melissa

Species: Felis catus

Breed: American Short Hair

Age: 2 years and 6 months

Shiori’s favorite snack: She doesn’t like treats, but always wants to be petted while eatting. That’s her special thing.

Shiori’s favorite thing to do: Sit on Erik’s lap.

Melissa’s favorite thing about Shiori: How much she loves my husband (Erik), and what a wonderful friend she is.

Shiori and Melissa have been best friends for: A little over two years.

Fun/funny facts about Shiori: She follows my husband around until he sits down, then climbs on his lap & purrs. She brings us little piece of plastic (her favorite toys) as presents the way some cats bring their owners dead mice.

Nefreya (The Nefs)/Melissa

The Nefs
Photo provided by Melissa

Species: Felis catus

Breed: American Long Hair

Age: 2 years and 6 months

Nefreya’s favorite snack: Cheddar & catnip treats.

Nefreya’s favorite thing to do: Attack toys, finger tips, ankles, spiders, bits of plastic, string, blankets, and shoes.

Melissa’s favorite thing about Nefreya: That she’s always communicating with me. She’s learned about 15 words, and several gestures (head bobs, slow blink, fanning her paws, rolling on her back). Since there’s so much she can communicate to me (and I to her), when something new comes up she’s ready to figure out how to talk about that, too.

Nefreya and Melissa have been best friends for: A little over two years.

Fun/funny fact about Nefreya: She pantomimes playing when she wants to play. For example, she’ll hop up along the wall that we shine her laser pointer on, and then look at us. Or she’ll bring us her toys. Even the big fishing poll ones. Up onto the bed. Not sure how she does it. But I’m touched that she’s willing to do her part to make play happen. She always keeps me company when I’m in the bathroom, and she waits by the door for me at night until I get home.

Melissa's kitties
Shio (left) and The Nefs (right)

MoMo/Andrea B.

momo double.jog
Photo provided by Andrea B.

Species: Felis catus

Breed: Domestic shorthair (?)

Age: 1 year

MoMo’s favorite snack: Chicken giblets and yogurt

MoMo’s favorite things to do: Do things that annoy me and sleep on my face.

Andrea B.’s favorite thing about MoMo: He’s the best nap buddy and he drools when he’s happy.

MoMo and Andrea B. have been best friends since: he was 8 weeks old.

Fun/funny fact about MoMo: My cat knows how to turn off my electronic devices (tv, computer, xbox, etc.) in order for me to pay attention to him. He also likes to “talk” back to me when I tell him not to do something that he knows he shouldn’t be doing. (He’s such a little menace but I still love him so much).


Nicole's Cat
Photo provided by Nicole

Species: Felis catus

Breed: Tortoiseshell/tabby

Age: 8 years

Matilda’s favorite snack: BONITO FLAKES

Matilda’s favorite thing to do: Sleep and hate people who aren’t Nicole.

Nicole’s favorite thing about Matilda: She is soft and fat and she likes me but no one else.

Matilda and Nicole have been best friends for: 8 years.

Fun/funny fact about Matilda: She will lie on her back and **stare** at me if she wants attention. It’s creepy but also funny.


Nicole's Dog
Photo provided by Nicole

Species: Canis familiaris

Breed: Chihuahua/Boston Terrier mix

Age: 2 years

Toast’s favorite snack: Any treat, really

Toast’s favorite things to do: Cuddle with whoever is around and play with her stuffed squirrel.

Nicole’s favorite thing about Toast: She loves to snuggle and is just so darn cute.

Toast and Nicole have been best friends for: 2 months.

Fun/funny fact about Toast: Toast has crooked teeth and sometimes her smiles look really goofy because of this.

Rocky/Andrea P.

Rocky Double
Photo provided by Andrea P.

Species: Canis familiaris

Breed: Maltese/Shih Tzu

Age: 6 (ish) years

Rocky’s favorite snack: Chicken, Trader Joe’s Jerky Dog Treats, sweet potato and bison biscuits, rice and beans (both black and pinto).

Rocky’s favorite things to do: Alert for intruders and other passing doggos, run after his squeaky toys and curl up with his mom (Andrea P.) on her bed (even though he’s technically not allowed on the bed).

Andrea P.’s favorite thing about Rocky: How loving and playful he is. Rocky is also really well at picking up emotions and will be ready for supportive cuddling at any time. He’s always in the mood to play, even if he’s really sleepy he’ll wake right up and want to play if he sees any humans around.

Rocky and Andrea have been best friends for: 6 ish years.

Fun/funny fact about Rocky: Rocky is really good at standing on his back two legs. It’s really funny when he begs for treats because he knows we like it when he stands up like that, so he’ll stare up at you while he’s standing on his back two feet and try to follow you around like that.


Stella's Doggo
Photo provided by Stella

Species: Canis familiaris

Breed: Husky/Border Collie/German Shepard mix

Age: 6 months

Juniper’s favorite snack: carrots and turkey

Juniper’s favorite things to do: Go for walks, go swimming, and eat sticks.

Stella’s favorite thing about Juniper: She has tons of energy and always wants to play.

Juniper and Stella have been best friends for: 6 months.

Fun/funny fact about Juniper: Juniper is very agile and can jump on the counter top-she has eaten many treats (that she wasn’t supposed to) this way!


Silvy cropped
Photo provided by Zoe

Species: Felis catus

Breed: Domestic shorthair

Age: 1 year and 6 months

Sylvie’s favorite snack: Vanilla ice cream and catnip

Sylvie’s favorite things to do: Sylvie loves to hunt, both outdoors (with the real animals) and indoors (with her prey-like toys). When she’s not hunting, she’s either hiding or curling up next to us.

Zoe’s favorite thing about Sylvie: How sweet and loving she is. She goes wherever we do, even if it’s just across the room and all she’s doing is napping.

Sylvie and Zoe have been best friends since: July of 2016.

Fun/funny fact about Sylvie: Every time I make the bed, I can count on Sylvie to stop whatever she’s doing to hop on underneath the blankets being placed. It’s so cute, and she loves it! Sylvie is related to Max!


Max cropped
Photo provided by Zoe

Species: Felis catus

Breed: Domestic shorthair

Age: 1 year and 6 months

Max’s favorite snack: A bowl of milk and catnip

Max’s favorite things to do: Max also loves to hunt, but isn’t as good as Sylvie. He also really enjoys sleeping, eating, and bullying his sister.

Zoe’s favorite thing about Max: His playfulness! He’s always looking to play, and still acts just like a kitten. Max has extra toes on his front paws, which helps him grab on to his prey.

Max and Zoe have been best friends since: July of 2016

Fun/funny fact about Max: Max’s best friend is the house’s dog, and they love playing together! Sometimes he’ll even follow us on walks with the dog, trying to lead. 🙂

Zoe's kitties together
Sylvie (top) and Max (bottom).


Molly's other adorable puppo
Photo provided by Molly

Species: Canis familiaris

Breed: Maltese/Pekingese

Age: 6 years

Rozy’s favorite snack: Any soft meaty treat!

Rozy’s favorite thing to do: Going on drives, looking out the window and barking at children, and begging for food!

Molly’s favorite thing about Rozy: Very expressive and playful dog!

Rozy and Molly have been best friends for: 5 years.

Fun/funny fact about Rozy: Whenever we bring Rozy to my brother and sister-in-law’s house, the first thing she does it run all throughout the house to try to find their cats. They have a cat door that leads to their cage in the garage and sometimes Rozy would go in that door to check if they are there. Also, we have caught Rozy eating cat food a couple times (don’t worry she’s okay!). Rozy is from Vietnam!


Molly's puppo
Photo provided by Molly

Species: Canis familiaris

Breed: Phu Quoc Ridgeback

Age: 6 years

Kiki’s favorite snack: Bananas

Kiki’s favorite things to do: Going on runs, sleep, playing with her banana toy, and begging for food!

Molly’s favorite things about Kiki: Sweet and kind. She actually listens when I call her name haha!

Kiki and Molly have been best friends for: 5 years.

Fun/funny fact about Kiki: Whenever I grab a banana, Kiki would go absolutely insane (or absolutely bananas haha!). She would start jumping and follow me until I fed her a piece. Funny thing is, the banana has to be in the correct ripeness phase (not too green or too yellow/spotted) for her too eat it.

Molly's adorable puppo's
Rozy (left) and Kiki (right).


Kamy double
Photos provided by Nick

Species: Canis familiaris

Breed: Siberian Husky

Age: 5 years 6 months

Kamy’s favorite snacks: Dairy Queen, Rawhides (the bigger the better), French Fries, Bacon, Homemade Dog Treats

Kamy’s favorite things to do: Walks / Hikes, play in the snow, go in water / rivers

Nick’s favorite thing about Kamy: Those soft ears.

Kamy and Nick have been best friends for: 5 years 1/4.

Fun/funny fact about Kamy: Like to licks lotion off legs, sleeps upside down / on her back. She loves all people!!! As for other dogs prefers Siberian Huskies.


Leo Double
Photos provided by Khabir

Species: Canis familiaris

Breed: Maltese

Age: 9 months

Leo’s favorite snack: Anything! He loves everything!

Leo’s favorite thing to do: Go to the dog park and get chased after.

Khabir’s favorite thing about Leo: Everything!

Leo and Khabir have been best friends for: 7 months.

Fun/funny fact about Leo: Leo doesn’t like to get out of bed in the morning, he plays dead (lol).




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