Snowflakes-snowflake-clipartWhen the average temperature in Washington drops to the 30’s, and the perpetual cloud of rain and fog settles over the Pacific Northwest it can feel as if even your bones shiver with the cold. However don’t let the temperature limit your activities! Whether you are skiing in the mountains or taking a walk  in Seattle there are many options to keep yourself toasty. As a lifelong resident of our wet and cold state here are some tips and recommendations that I have learned to keep the chill at bay.

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Wear a hat

Keeping your head warm is one of the fastest ways to retain heat. One way that I like to keep myself occupied in addition to making something useful is by knitting hats. Although this may sound complicated knitting yields beautiful results and never fails to be an enjoyable and rewarding pastime.

Instructions for how to knit– A set of basic, yet explanatory, instructions that highlight the steps of how to get started and mittenssome further resources that you can use when you have mastered the essential stitch.

Video for how to knit For more visual learners here is a YouTube video that I found to be thorough and concise regarding techniques and approaches for learning how to knit.

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Hot Drinks

Make your own hot chocolate! Here is chocolate-clipart-hot-chocolate-clipart-1one recipe that never disappoints and also includes tips on how to spice up your drink, with additions like cinnamon or Cayenne pepper. Putting this hot coco mix in a cute container also makes an excellent gift that can be enjoyed year round.

Hot Cocoa Mix

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Dress warmly

Nothing dampens any activity like being dressed inadequately for the weather. In the wintertime, keep warm by swapping out your summer favorites for cold weather items instead. Rather then cotton socks try thick woolen ones, or instead of a sweatshirt try putting a vest or scarf with it. One essential item in my closet during the Pacific Northwest winter is always a rain jacket. Keeping a small umbrella in your bag could also keep you all the dryer. Just think next time you are cold-pull on a hat that you made!

Find activities that you can enjoy no matter the weather

It just doesn’t seem as appealing to venture outdoors when you’ll be drenched within a minute and freezing before then here are some other options that I find allow for the same options.

  • Visit the Activities and Recreation Center (ARC). Cascadia and UWB’s ARC is filled with activities that are available to students from both schools. In addition to having a full gy15e4cd36da04ea6124625d2efe204fea--winter-clipart-thermometerm, there are also fitness classes such as yoga and spin available to all students for free. More information about the ARC can be found here.
  • Visit your local library! The UWB/Cascadia library is always warm and welcome. Stop by for a place to study or read to stay out of the chill.
  • Join a club at Cascadia or UWB. There is a wide range of clubs and organizations that are found on campus and are open to all students. Furthermore the process of creating a club is simple so if you don’t find one that interests you- make one!

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Bake winter treats

Nothing heats up the house quite like a warm oven filled with holiday cookies. Here are my recommendations for great holiday cookie recipes, as well as a link to another staff member’s blog post about this topic!xmasstamps

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Curl up with your favorite book

All library enthusiasts, and readers alike can testify the joy and comfort of finishing a long day with a good book. During the winter I find this feeling to be especially perceived when temperatures dip outdoors and you can lose yourself in a different world. Whether the books that you find to read are holiday focused or merely enjoyable, here are several lists that contain books that are guaranteed to keep you free from winter’s

Best books to read when snow is falling

Winter children’s books

Best Holiday books

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