Although we are approaching the start of a new school year, there is still much to do to make the summer worthwhile! After an intense school year, I found that it made this summer so much sweeter. Before having to go back to spending my weekends doing assignments, studying, and reloading my Starbucks Rewards card for coffee, there are still some events around Washington that I plan on attending and hopefully you will too! Check out some upcoming events below:

  • Seattle Night Market & Autumn Moon Festival
    • Where? Chinatown-International District of Seattle, WA
    • When? Saturday, September 9th @ 4PM-Midnight
    • What? My first time to the Seattle Moon Festival was in 2015 and it was a night filled with street food and free entertainment! In previous years, the types of entertainment that were there included hip-hop dance battles and live band performances. Wondering what exactly is a Moon Festival? To keep it short, in Chinese and Vietnamese culture, people would give offerings such as fruit and moon cake to worship the moon goddess. In doing so, it was believed that the moon goddess will bless the people with a plentiful harvest for the following year.
    • Additional info/tips:
      • Admission: FREE
      • Bring cash! Vendors and food trucks sometimes prefer cash over credit cards. There will be ATM’s in Chinatown.
      • Check the weather before you go. The event will be held outdoors and mostly at night.
      • Don’t want to deal with traffic and having to find parking IN SEATTLE? Take the Light Rail and get off at the Chinatown/International District stop. The walk from the light rail station to the event is about 5 minutes.
      • The history of the Moon Festival (also known as the Mid-Autumn Festival) –
      • More info @
    • Here’s a picture of the live band performance from Lions Ambition when I went!
Lions Ambition. Photo taken by author.
  • Washington State Fair
    • Where? Washington State Fair Events Center
    • When? September 1st-24th (Closed on Tuesdays and 9/6/17)
    • What? The Washington State Fair is just like any other fair. There are many food vendors and tents where people sell things from t-shirts to little crafts. For those who are thrill seekers, the fair also has a number of rides and games to win prizes. It is definitely a place where you can spend all day at so grab some family and friends and come!
    • Additional info/tips:
      • Admission: adults $14
      • Parking:
        • MWThF $10
        • Sat. & Sun. $15
      • Certain fair dates have special deals. Check them out here!
      • Wear comfortable shoes. The fair takes a lot of walking to be able to do everything.
      • More info @
Washington State Fair 2015” © 2015 atomic80, made available under a CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 license.
  • Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors exhibit
    • Where? Seattle Art Museum
    • When? June 30th-September 10th
    • What? The Infinity Mirrors is one of the SAM’s most popular exhibits to have ever come to Seattle! Tickets are available on-site at the SAM (With student discounts so bring your school ID!). Upon entering the exhibit, you will experience Yayoi Kusama’s vision of what the vast concept of “infinity” is through multiple mirror rooms.
    • Additional info/tips:
      • Get to the SAM early or even before they open to increase your chances of scoring tickets! Tickets are on a first-come, first-served basis.
      • Try going on the weekdays. Weekends are more crowded since people usually have more free time.
      • Take the Light Rail and get off at the University Street Station to avoid driving in the hustle and bustle of downtown Seattle.
      • More info @
Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors. Photos taken by Melissa Logan.

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