A couple months ago two of my coworkers and I had the chance to participate in walking at the UWB commencement ceremony! The commencement ceremony was great! My family came, the weather was beautiful, and it was a proud moment for me, but the ceremony was long and hot. So I am here to tell you the dos and don’ts for the commencement ceremony at UWB.


1. Plan ahead of time how many tickets you will need. When you sign up for commencement the max amount of tickets you can receive is eight. So if you need more ask everyone you know if they have extra tickets. Ask on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and email your classmates. Just ask and you will find extra tickets.

2. Bring a charge for your phone. Commencement is long and you will get bored, and if you are like me you will play Candy Crush, take pictures, message people and it will use up a lot of your battery. So bring a charger.

3. Eat before commencement or bringing a snack. Eat! Eat! Eat! Eat before commencement or you will be hangry. Commencement lasted more than four hours. Eat before commencement or bring a snack to have at commencement.

4. Decorate your cap. Listen, you paid for the cap and gown. You might as well decorate your cap and get your money worth. Take advantage of this opportunity; other universities will not allow you to decorate your cap.

5. Wear light wear and comfortable clothing. It’s hot and you have to wear a black gown over your clothes.


1. Leave everything for last minute. Have your outfit picked out, your cap and gown ready to go, your tickets in your purse or wallet, your parking pass in your car, and driving directions printed.

2. Leave an hour before commencement starts. Traffic is crazy and parking is horrific, so leave at the earliest time possible.

3. Iron your gown. The iron will burn it! What you can do is take it out of the plastic bag and hang it in your closet.

4. Take everything with you. Just take your phone. Give everything else (like your purse, wallet, keys) to your parent, a family member, or friend to take care of.


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