It is finals week and that means you got 5 hours of sleep last night. If those 2 coffees you had this morning aren’t keeping you awake, try taking a nap! The Library is a quiet place to find a couch and get some ZZZs. In this post, find the 4 best places to sleep in the Campus Library and learn where not to sleep.

1.    Second floor open area

These comfy couches are tucked away along the wall and are guarantee to be away from all cold window drafts.


2.    Study carrels

Use a book as a pillow and no one will stare. A great way to get those 15 minutes of rest.


3.    Third floor open area

Take a cat-nap on the red couches on the 3rd floor in the open area. No one will mind, it’s finals week!

 3rd Floor open area

4.    Reading room soft chairs

This is my favorite place to count sheep while dozing off. It is especially cozy on a sunny day! And it’s always quiet in the reading room.

Reading Room

Take a rest from finals and find one of these 4 places. The Library is the perfect spot for a nap! But beware of places you are not allowed to sleep.

NOT if front of doors or the elevator 

Doors and Elevator

Taking a nap in front of doors or the elevator can put others in danger in case of an emergency. Plus, people may need to use the door!

NOT in the stacks


Besides accidentally tripping passers-by, don’t sleep in the stacks because others need to have access to the books.

NOT in the study rooms

Study Room

These rooms are for studying only. Taking a nap in the study rooms takes away a valuable space for others to use for school work!


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