In the realm of privileged people problems, nothing is worse than getting a chocolate-covered cherry stain on your favorite shirt…except maybe being single on Valentine’s Day.

In the current state of society, we are conditioned to believe that “single” = sad. Singles Awareness Day (S.A.D.) was an unfortunate acronym. In actuality, being single is Fierce, Uplifting, and Nirvana (F.U.N.)! No offense to all the lovely couples out there, but being single is pretty much the best thing ever. Here’s why:

When you’re single, instead of going out to engage in activities you don’t enjoy, eat food that is too expensive, and agonize as you watch romantic comedies without the comedy, you can literally do WHATEVER YOU WANT on Valentine’s Day. Shopping for new clothes? Sure. Do-it-yourself spa day? Doable. Drinking too much Red Bull and doing amateur parkour stuff around Capitol Hill? Why not?

Or – get this – you could avoid all the Valentine’s Day traffic and have a comfy night in by yourself (or with your single besties) and read a BOOK! I know.

If you are so inclined, the Campus Library would like to help you with this final option. The “Blind Date with a Book” display is now up and running in the Campus Library, your match is waiting for you…Instead of living the real-life romance (with all of its pomp, frill, and subsequent complicatedness), why not read about it? Better yet, why not read a super-spy thriller, an outdoor adventure, a drug-addled memoir, a historical murder-mystery, a beloved classic or a love story parody?

The thing about “Blind Date with a Book,” is you don’t know what you’re going to get, which only increases the anticipation! As you unwrap your blind date, consider how lucky you are to have someone who cares about you so deeply. Someone who loves you so completely, that they dedicate themselves to you, and you alone, 24/7. I read a meme somewhere once that said something like: “There are millions of cells in your body and all they care about is you.” Kind of similar to what I’m trying to say, but not really.

What I mean is that being single is not the end of the world, neither is being in a relationship. Whatever your relationship status this year, just remember that the Library understands. So whether you need a significant other or are looking for a new one, pick up a blind date in the library lobby and fall in love…with reading.

(Cheesy, I know, but don’t care.)