oh, how you dishearten me
to see such a long list of
texts to be bought, shipped, read.

there is no hope for my wallet
nor is there hope for my social life
which will ultimately whither away
having been replaced by endless reading.

lest we not forget I am but a college student
bound by ever-expanding tuition rates and
my ever-shrinking savings fund.

what is a girl to do?
how can one remedy this injustice
and find a more sound, economic solution?

just when all seemed futile,
I found the answer in a likely
yet unlikely place.

a simple search within the catalog revealed
each and every reading required was
but a mouse-click away!

whether on closed or open reserves,
in the UWB stacks or in a land far away,
my books were waiting.

Hark! my wallet has been spared!
as for my social life however,
we are still waiting for a pulse.


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