Looking for a little romance this February the 14th? Why not let a book knock you off your feet?

Blind date with a book 2014

It’s Valentine’s Day again this Friday, which means it is time to decide whether you would prefer a date with a human or a book. If you would like to buy unreasonably large boxes of chocolate and wait an hour to be seated in a nice restaurant, then you should date a human.

However, if you think you would rather curl up next to a roaring fire with a mug of hot chocolate and delve into worlds you have never known, I would suggest you spend Single Awareness Day with a book. It is not S.A.D., but is possibly the most adventurous date you’ll ever go on!

The Campus Library would like to help match you with that special read. On the first floor lobby, you will find a display with ample books from our Recreational Reading collection to keep you busy on Friday. We didn’t want anyone judging by the covers, so we covered them up. Short blurbs written by our staff will help guide you in your choice.

Here are a few examples:

“I’ll take you on dark walks on entangled Spanish streets, telling stories of romance, mystery, and intrigue.”

“I’m a vulgar and disenchanted young woman who can see how you will die.  Buy me a drink and I’ll tell you a tale.”

This adds a great deal of mystery and romance to your relationship with your book.

When you have enjoyed your date with your book, let us know how we did by filling out a “Rate your Date” card, also located on the display.

Happy reading!


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