Hello, fellow students! Just in time for Valentine’s Day, we have added a brand new display on the first floor called Blind Date with a Book! that can easily spice up your day!


From our collection of Recreational Reading books, staff members chose a book or two and wrote up a short little dating-profile-esque description to grab your attention. These books were then wrapped up nice and tight so that you have no idea what adventure you will go on until you have checked it out! So come on by and get set up on a Blind Date with a Book today!

Who knows, maybe you’ll fall in love!

trio of images

If the mystery and suspense of a blind date is just too much, we do have a second option for you! On the second floor, the theme for this month’s Children’s Literature display is LOVE! Quite fitting, ‘ey?  If you have children or greatly enjoy the art accompanying the words, feel free to pick one of those books up as well!

bochl valentine comp

Photographs by Kayla Hoffman


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